Proposed March 2018

Proposed March 2018

The stoves are also particularly popular because of their benches. “” Currently these are huge, very wide and very massive, “reports Froitzheim. “” Some of them weigh twenty to over thirty kilos. “”

The current chimney stoves have primarily sculptural forms: “” Chimney stoves are chosen as decoration in the room, “” reports expert Kienle. After more angular shapes in the past few years, mostly circular devices are now on offer. “” They are built relatively high, around 1.50 meters. “” Extravagant alternatives are, for example – like those from Leenders – free-floating stoves.

Whether copper or anthracite – these colors are available for tiled stoves

Devices in dark colors such as black and anthracite are the most popular among consumers. Manufacturers primarily serve this demand. But in actually all collections there are also many models in lighter brown, beige and gray tones. “” Copper is trendy, “says Kienle. Some companies also have models in more striking colors, such as Hase a stove in light green. Haas + Sohn, for example, offers facings made of bacon or sandstone. “” It is comparable to a wooden cladding, “explains the expert. “” The sheet steel stove has holding devices on which the plates go. “”

More on the topic of stoves

These stoves also heat without a fire Step-by-step instructions: Light the fireplace – avoid these mistakes A sensible alternative ?: Modular principle saves money, time and nerves Stiftung Warentest: Only two stoves rated “good” “Expert advice: Simple Tips and tricks for heating with wood-burning stoves If you have to change your stove, pay attention to the moisture content: Firewood: The best types of wood for the fireplace Fireclay bricks: Fireclay is an ingenious heat store Information and tips for heating with wood-burning stoves, tiled stoves, wood stoves, fireplaces, etc.

Pellet stoves can also find their place in the living room

Pellet stoves, which are used as a fireplace replacement in the living room, are designed rather puristically. “” Pellet stoves are less playful. We can see clear lines “”, reports Martin Bentele, executive chairman of the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV) in Berlin. The trends in this branch determined mainly companies from Italy. “” Many manufacturers are based there and the oven shape is more common there than here. The pellet stove is an important decorative object in the center of the apartment – it is becoming more and more so here. “” It is no longer necessarily in the corner of the room.

Pellet stoves are not just an alternative to chimneys or tiled stoves. As so-called primary stoves, they replace central heating – and are often found as gray boxes in the basement. However, some manufacturers are now offering these elements in more decorative designs, which also look good in living spaces.essay community service means me At Wodtke, for example, the fire can also be seen through a window, which, according to Bentele, is particularly important to consumers for models in the living room. “” However, pellet stoves do not have such a beautiful play of flames as wood stoves, “” says Froitzheim. Water-guided or with hot air distribution? Here you can find out what you should know for funding and what to look out for with pellets.

For a safe home: You can rely on these CO alarms

The wood stove for the kitchen is coming

Wood stoves for the kitchen like those from Wamsler or Haas + Sohn have been the trend in recent years. But they have not really caught on. Not yet, says Kienle. “” There was no hype about it. But we can already see that the manufacturers are expanding their range of products and also have more and more stoves in their range. “” According to the manufacturers, windows are also important to buyers here: They want to watch the flames.

Many a myth has developed around the sauna in recent years, and beginners in particular succumb to a number of errors in a hot sweat bath. We get to the bottom of the most widespread sauna fairy tales and check their truthfulness.

Rules for sauna-goers
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Weight Loss Through Targeted Sweating?

Probably the biggest myth when it comes to saunas is the assumption that you lose weight permanently when you sweat. If after a visit to the sauna you find that you have actually lost one or even two kilograms, this is a pure loss of fluid and not body fat. Because: With the “” correct “” weight loss, only your daily calorie balance is decisive.

Using a sauna increases the risk of catching a cold?

It is not uncommon to hear of the prejudice that people go to the sauna healthy and leave the sweat bath with a cold. This myth is also not true: “” Switching between cold and warm does not trigger a cold, “says internist Dr. Martin Trinker opposite the portal However, if you are already weak, you better stay at home. And don’t put additional stress on your body – it’s counterproductive and can even endanger your health.

Dangerous to health: Excessive sauna use

The assumption that more sauna sessions add up to a better effect is also a myth. You should therefore not take more than three sauna sessions in order not to endanger your health. If you are a beginner, limit yourself to just one sauna session at first. In addition, a course should not last longer than 15 minutes. After each course, you should first cool your airways in the air, then rinse your skin with cold water.

Individual touch: Make sauna infusions yourself Tips: What beginners should pay attention to when going to the sauna Be careful: Which groups of people should not go to the sauna? Ten sauna mistakes: you can’t sweat out a cold

Drinking prohibited?

Last but not least, it is often said that you should not drink anything during the individual sauna sessions, otherwise the body cannot purify itself. But this advice is also wrong. Not using drinking water can also lead to circulatory collapse. You should therefore take in plenty of fluids and drink up to three liters on sauna days. Unsweetened teas or mineral water are particularly recommended.

For years, German households have used less and less energy – but in 2013 that changed for the first time. According to the Federal Statistical Office, consumption of household energy has increased by 3.9 percent compared to 2012. Temperature fluctuations were factored out. The increase was there in all areas of application, but it was strongest with 4.6 percent in heating energy, it said. In 2013, 8.6 percent more natural gas was used than in the previous year.

At 70.2 percent, heating is the household’s largest item in terms of energy consumption. Although heating costs have recently risen again, according to the statisticians they were still 6.1 percent lower than in 2005.

More living space, less energy consumption

The overall economic picture emerges as follows: The living space increased by 5.6 percent, but the energy consumption per square meter fell by 10.6 percent, so that the bottom line was a decrease.

Most recently, 476 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) were consumed for space heating. Hot water accounted for 87 billion kWh (plus 10.0 percent since 2005). Cooking, drying, ironing and washing consumed 42 billion kWh (plus 5.5 percent), household appliances including communications consumed 59 billion kWh (plus 5.2 percent) and lighting accounted for 13 billion kWh (plus 4.6 percent).

Oil and coal consumption are falling

In terms of energy sources, mineral oil in particular showed a strong decline. In 2013, with 123 billion kWh, 29.8 percent less was used than in 2005. The strongest increase was in biomass, with 49.2 percent, which also includes firewood and other renewable energies such as solar thermal energy and heat pumps. The number of kilowatt hours increased here between 2005 and 2013 from 53 to 79 billion.

Since 2005, gas consumption has increased by 2.5 percent to 283 billion kWh, electricity consumption has decreased by 2.2 percent to 138 billion kWh, district heating has increased by 12.9 percent to 47 billion kWh and coal consumption has decreased by 4.9 percent to 8 billion kWh.

Duel for energy highways: network operators lead ” electricity rebels ” Seehofer Amended ordinance for basic supply: Millions receive new electricity and gas bills

As the reason for the increased energy consumption in household and communication devices, the statisticians stated that there are more devices with more functionality and that they are being used more.

Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner is increasingly relying on wooden houses for reasons of climate protection. These offer several advantages.

Julia Klöckner wants to promote houses made of wood more. “” Greater use of wood binds CO2 in the long term, for example when building a house. Greenhouse gas emissions can be saved up to 56 percent compared to conventional house construction “, said the CDU politician of the” “Rheinische Post” “.

Wooden houses against housing shortages

The minister believes that wooden buildings could also help in the fight against the housing shortage. “Thanks to a high degree of prefabrication, wooden houses can be set up quickly,” emphasized Klöckner.

Small houses: What to watch out for in Tiny Houses Green desert electricity: What became of Desertec? Expert warns: “” German forests are on the verge of collapse “”

However, there are still legal obstacles, such as fire protection, which are no longer justified due to innovative developments in modern timber construction. Here, the federal states are asked to reduce building regulations, said the minister.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In the past few weeks there have already been rumors, now it is certain: German Pellets GmbH in Wismar has filed for insolvency proceedings. This was confirmed by the district court in Schwerin. 

Display – heating oil price calculator

Heating oil price calculator

The court has appointed attorney Bettina Schmudde as preliminary insolvency administrator. By resolution of February 10, 2016, it was commissioned to secure the company’s assets. In addition, it should clarify whether there is a reason for opening and what prospects exist for the continuation of the company.

The wages and salaries of the approximately 650 employees are secured for three months during the preliminary insolvency proceedings through the insolvency money. 

Bonds now almost worthless

The company had canceled its creditors’ meeting scheduled for Wednesday in Wismar at short notice. The meeting was supposed to be about a bond with a volume of 52.4 million euros, which should have been repaid by April 1st.

The German Pellets bonds continued to lose value after the cancellation of the creditors’ meeting. On Wednesday, the German Pellets rate slipped below the one euro mark for the first time – so it is listed at less than one percent of the nominal value. The bonds are thus almost worthless and have lost more than 90 percent since the beginning of the year. Trading was suspended on Wednesday afternoon. 

A spokesman for the Ministry of Labor in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania said that developments at German Pellets are being observed with concern. 

“” Economic damage completely unclear “”

German Pellets had proposed to the creditors to extend the bond’s term by two years until March 31, 2018. In addition, the interest rate should be reduced from 7.25 to 5.25 percent. In return, the bondholders should receive 50 percent of the company shares in German Pellets GmbH as security.

The protective community of capital investors had recommended the creditors to reject these proposals. The economic situation of German Pellets is completely unclear, said spokesman Daniel Bauer. “” We need a radical cut. “”

Investors invested over 200 million euros

It is about more than 200 million euros from an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 investors, he said. German Pellets is in debt to investors through two other bonds, also with 7.25 percent interest, with a further 172 million euros. The term of these bonds does not end until 2018 or 2019.

“” We don’t know how much these bonds are worth, “said lawyer Marvin Müller-Blom from Nieding + Barth Rechtsanwaltsaktien-Gesellschaft in Frankfurt as a representative of a number of bondholders. He called the German Pellets company a “” black box “”. Above all, he expected information about the business situation from the creditors’ meeting.

Subsidiary FireStixx also insolvent

Meanwhile, the German Pellets subsidiary FireStixx has filed for bankruptcy in self-administration at the Landshut District Court, as the German Pellets spokeswoman confirmed. First the “” WirtschaftsWoche “” reported about it.

The company announced that the crisis situation was due to the economic problems of the German Pellets Group. All credit insurance companies have also downgraded the creditworthiness of the subsidiaries. Pellet heating systems – advantages and disadvantages of heating with pellets Falling oil prices: Germans are buying more oil heating systems again

According to the company, the family company was founded in 2005. The first pellet factory was built in Wismar. The company expanded in the following years. Several locations in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the USA were added. German Pellets produces wood pellets for special heating systems and pellet stoves in households, but also for power plants for the production of electricity and heat.

The heat is not only affecting people at the moment – also trees. However, the high temperatures are only one of many challenges. The BUND sounds the alarm: and wants to change the face of the German forests. 

Heat, storms, pests: the forest in Germany is stressed. The climatic changes of the past few years have led to massive forest damage nationwide. In order to avert renewed forest death, the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND) is demanding that the federal government act quickly and consistently to protect the climate.

“” At the latest at the meeting of the climate cabinet in September, binding measures must be decided and these must be submitted to the Bundestag for consideration immediately, “said the chairman of the environmental association, Hubert Weiger. This appeal for action is the central of ten demands on politics, forestry and hunting that the BUND presented on Wednesday.



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