How high the new debt will actually be in the end is open

How high the new debt will actually be in the end is open

The police then searched the man with stripes, search dogs and a helicopter. The 29-year-old was arrested a few hours later.

The description of the perpetrator corresponded to that of the rapist of the 18-year-old on Monday before last. An investigating judge ordered pre-trial detention on Thursday at the request of the public prosecutor’s office for urgent suspicions.

With a petition to the Bavarian state parliament, residents and nature conservationists have underlined their no to the expansion of Autobahn 8 from Rosenheim to the Austrian border. Opponents of expansion handed over 3000 signatures under the motto in the state parliament on Tuesday "Stop the A8 monster: No destruction of the Chiemgau!".

The motorway has four lanes and no hard shoulder in this area. It should therefore become six lanes and get hard shoulders.

The petition should show that many people in the region did not want the project, said initiator Edda Weimann. It is too expensive, too time-consuming, harmful to the climate – and the construction site will also create traffic jams for years, said the Aschau councilor from the Greens.

With the planned construction of the northern access to the Brenner, this will bring traffic disruption to the region. Many people from other parts of Germany and Austria have also signed – some are probably worried about the Chiemgau holiday paradise, said Weimann.

The expansion contradicts the Paris Climate Agreement, the Bavarian Climate Protection Offensive and the Federal Climate Protection Act. It is not necessary and is destroying forests, wetlands and ten nature reserves. "Nature conservation, environmental protection and climate protection are still of no importance in political decisions and major projects in Germany"said Weimann. Other solutions would have to be considered.

A 36 year old man was killed in a traffic accident in Upper Bavaria on Sunday evening. The accident occurred near Chieming in the Traunstein district, as the police announced. A 27-year-old man hit the 36-year-old’s motorcycle while turning his car. The man fell and was seriously injured, and he died at the scene of the accident. The driver of the car was uninjured, and property damage to both vehicles amounted to 35,000 euros. The investigation into the course of the accident is ongoing.

An unexpected inheritance confronts student Hanna with the question: will you stay in Munich or move to the countryside in Lower Bavaria? With a clause in the will, Grandma Berta obviously wanted to lure her granddaughter out of the big city. The film "Wedding strudel and plum happiness" shows in an entertaining way how Hanna (Fanny Krausz) seeks her own way and also finds love. The romantic comedy by director Thomas Kronthaler can be seen on Friday (November 20) at 8.15 p.m. on Das Erste.

It is precisely the inner conflicts that Hanna gets into that should make the film interesting for a younger audience, believes the leading actress, Fanny Krausz. The 30-year-old Austrian told the German Press Agency that she recognized herself and a few of her friends in some situations. The figure is very much taken from life.

Hanna lives in a shared apartment in Munich. Her mother Hermine (Carin C. Tietze) is a successful lawyer and believes that her daughter is also studying law diligently. However, she has something completely different in mind. In the shared kitchen she bakes apple and poppy seed strudel for a café.

From the mother’s point of view, this is not a professional option: "You act like a vegan mom who bakes cakes for hipsters"she moans. When Grandma Berta (Doris Buchrucker) dies, Hanna goes to the funeral with her mother and little sister in Lower Bavaria.

The opening of the will causes stress with Because Hanna and her cousin Max (Daniel Gawlowski) should inherit the grandma’s farm – and also manage it. Otherwise the inheritance would go to the Catholic Church. Feeding animals? Muck out the stable? Till fields? This was not how Hanna had imagined her life. She faces a big decision.

"It’s not just about what others expect of you, but also about the expectations you have of yourself", thinks Krausz. "That you know what would make sense for you, but that it doesn’t match what makes you happy." Many younger people today have the following attitude: "Working time is lifetime". So they wanted to spend their working hours doing something that fulfills them and not having to drag themselves to work.

The Viennese, mainly through her role in the ZDF series "The dead of Salzburg" became known, says she followed her heart in choosing a career and fortunately received strong support from her parents. She could also gain something from rural life. Although she was born in Vienna, she lived in a village for five years as a child and spent a lot of time on a farm. "That shaped me." So it could well be "that at some point I will also be faced with the question: city or country?"

In the film, the main actress Hanna makes a very clear decision at the end – after she has also uncovered a long-kept family secret.

The dispute between Dietrich Freiherr von Gumppenberg (79) and the diocese of Regensburg continues. With an injunction, the former FDP member of the state parliament wanted to stop work on the new building of a parish and youth home in Bayerbach near Ergoldsbach (Landshut district). A judge in Landshut rejected the application. A reason for the judgment is pending. That could take a few weeks, said a spokesman for the regional court on Wednesday.

Von Gumppenberg has also filed a lawsuit with the Landshut Regional Court through his lawyer. He accuses the diocese of breach of contract, which in turn rejects it. The next step is now the lawsuit, so Gumppenberg.

The cause of the dispute is the demolition of the rectory in Bayerbach. Gumppenberg refers to an agreement that was made in 1830 between his ancestors and the church. According to this, the family provided the church free of charge with around 8,000 square meters of land and building materials for a new church as well as for the cemetery and the rectory. In return, the pastor’s office and house should be "forever" remain.

The pastor’s position has long been vacant and now the diocese has had the rectory torn down, says von Gumppenberg. He demands a return transfer of the land or a financial transfer through his lawyer.

Vicar General Michael Fuchs had written to von Gumppenberg’s lawyer that the founders at the time had two goals: to strengthen pastoral care in Bayerbach and to promote school and youth education. Bayerbach continues to be looked after by a pastor through the parish community with Ergoldsbach, and the planned new building is a parish and youth home. The foundation’s goals have been met.

The Free State of Bavaria is threatened with heavy tax losses in the billions over the next three years due to the corona crisis that has been going on since March. According to the estimate made on Thursday evening, the 2020 state budget will have to cope with a decrease of 3.5 billion euros compared to the estimate last autumn – i.e. before the Corona crisis. A minus of 3.7 billion euros is expected for 2021 and of 3.2 billion euros for 2022. The estimates are fraught with great uncertainty.

"The latest estimates are slightly better than feared in September", said Bavaria’s Finance Minister Albert Füracker (CSU) of the German Press Agency in Munich about the regionalized November estimate. Even if the forecast decline in revenue is lower than feared in September, in view of the figures for the coming fiscal year there is probably no way around new borrowing in the billions. To do this, the debt brake must again be overridden.

For 2020, the estimators corrected the losses by 685 million euros compared to September, for 2021 by 350 million euros and for 2022 by around 450 million euros. "Due to the tax shortfalls in the 2021 budget, we will not have to calculate with more debt than last planned"said Füracker. The budget is still stable. "We continue to invest in the future instead of blind savings or even tax increases."

The forecast in May and the additional forecast made in September due to the pandemic had already predicted severe tax losses in the billions in Bavaria. A few days before the state government’s meeting to draw up the budget for the coming year, it is now becoming apparent, as in the federal government, that the financial consequences due to the strong third quarter are not likely to be quite as bad as feared in the meantime. However, it is also unclear how tax revenues will change in real terms if the current partial lockdown would still apply in December.

Nevertheless, this is the historically worst tax estimate for Bavaria, which is the tax leader among the federal states. For comparison: after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, the estimated drop in income between autumn 2008 and May 2009 amounted to around 1.5 billion euros.

In the coming week, the state government wants to determine its draft for the budget plan 2021 in a retreat. Füracker had already declared after the additional tax estimate in September that it would be "dishonest to say in this situation that Bavaria does not have to take out any loans". The pandemic is far from over. Therefore it is more serious "to keep driving on sight and thus to remain more agile"he said on Friday in Munich.

How high the new debt will actually be in the end is open. But it is also a fact that a few weeks ago the Free State agreed with the municipal umbrella organizations on another record financial equalization for 2021: 10.3 billion euros are already fixed in the budget on the expenditure side.

The Greens in the state parliament see it completely differently: a double budget that has the long-term developments and effects of the corona measures taken in mind is better suited. "We simply cannot afford further misses running into billions"According to a Green budget presented on Friday. They are also calling for billions to be invested in climate protection, digitization and public infrastructure. To strengthen the economy, be one "moderate borrowing" justified.

For the FDP in the state parliament, meanwhile, because of the slightly better tax forecast compared to September, it is already certain that Bavaria will be able to manage a budget without new debt in the coming year. "Precisely because the leeway from the two supplementary budgets has not yet been fully exhausted this year, I call on the Bavarian state government to forego new debts in the draft for 2021. That would be a clear sign of solid financial policy"said the parliamentary group’s financial and budgetary spokesman, Helmut Kaltenhauser. He is also sure that the prospect of a vaccine will further boost the economy.

The Association of Bavarian Economy (vbw) demanded that all expenditure be scrutinized and that investments should be given priority. "Because investments in the future alone set the pace for a swift recovery, which we urgently need"said vbw managing director Bertram Brossardt. Like the state government, the economy rejects tax increases.

After many years in which Bavaria was even able to repay old debts, 2021 will be the second year in a row after this year that the Free State will have to raise fresh capital. At the end of 2019, Bavaria was in the chalk with donors with around 27 billion euros. Also this year, the holes in the state budget and the billion dollar aid programs due to the Corona crisis will be compensated for with new debts – the state parliament has approved borrowing of up to 20 billion euros this year.

Bavaria benefits from the fact that the Free State receives very good conditions for money loans on the financial market. So was him in September from the agency "default & Poor’s" again the top rating "AAA / A-1 +" certified with a stable outlook. It is the only state with the highest rating.

The tax assessment working group actually meets twice a year, in spring and autumn. Because the effects of the corona pandemic were difficult to assess in spring, an extraordinary meeting was inserted for September.

In a head-on collision on a state road in the Ebersberg district, a driver was killed on Friday evening. Her teenage nephew and the driver of the other car were seriously injured, the police said. The accident happened between Ebersberg and Hohenlinden. According to the current state of investigation, the vehicles were traveling in the opposite direction. It was still unclear why the collision occurred.

The hospital operator Rhön Klinikum AG has restructured its board after the takeover battle was over. Christian Höftberger will be appointed to the committee on August 15 and Stefan Stranz on September 1, as the company announced on Tuesday. Both come from the Asklepios Group, which has been the new main shareholder for a few weeks. A CEO was initially not named. So far, the operational director Gunther Weiß and the medical director Bernd Griewing have been members of the management committee.

This was preceded by a takeover battle. Asklepios had made a takeover offer to the remaining shareholders, the medical equipment supplier B.Braun (Melsungen), as a major shareholder, had refused and – ultimately unsuccessfully – tried to prevent the takeover by Asklepios. In the course of the takeover battle, the previous Rhön CEO Stephan Holzinger had drawn an exit clause and left the company.

"The appointment is an important basis for the strategic cooperation between the two companies", said Rhön supervisory board chairman and company founder Eugen Münch. Rhön-Klinikum, which operates five clinic locations in Germany, including the university hospitals in Marburg and Gießen, should play an independent role alongside Asklepios.

After the fatal traffic accident near Eching (Freising district), the driver is investigated for an illegal car race. The 19-year-old was in custody, said a police spokesman on Friday. In the accident on Monday evening, a 20-year-old was thrown out of the car and died.



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