And on Wednesday it went down too. Source:, cam / dpa / AFP “” “News and information at a glance.

And on Wednesday it went down too. Source:, cam / dpa / AFP “” “News and information at a glance.

Germany’s largest financial institution has for the first time confirmed talks with Deutsche Post about a stake in Postbank. The institute announced on Wednesday evening that the negotiations are at an advanced stage. However, it remains to be seen whether they will lead to a degree.

According to media reports, it is about a participation of almost 30 percent. The Post’s supervisory board will soon decide. Deutsche Bank could also be content with a minority stake in Postbank. Should it stay at 30 percent, no takeover offer would have to be made to the other shareholders. First talks between Deutsche Bank boss Ackermann and Post board member Appel are said to have already taken place.

The sale of Postbank is apparently threatening to fail. According to several people familiar with the matter, there are currently no more active negotiations with potential buyers. The German stock market continues the upward trend of the past few days.

In a rather sluggish business environment, Adidas, Postbank and the car manufacturers created confidence. In the evening the oil price began to slide. Deutsche Post has digested the loss of its domestic letter monopoly well. Revenues in the Mail Division remained stable in the first half of the year. However, the decline in earnings at Postbank and the paralyzing US express business caused profits to shrink.

Nevertheless, the company sees itself on course. The annual forecast was confirmed. The global financial crisis also ruined the result for Postbank, which is up for sale. The bottom line is that the institute earned € 119 million.

20 percent less than a year ago. The figures were in line with analyst expectations. Despite the difficult market environment, the bank confirmed its forecast for the year. Deutsche Post does not want to be rushed to sell Postbank.

There are talks, but only with a “small number of parties”. In case of doubt, the sale would be canceled for the time being, according to board circles. The US business, which continues to be ailing, is just as relaxed. In the overall balance one could cope with the losses.

The sale of Postbank could fail due to different asking prices. Deutsche Post wants at least ten billion euros for its banking subsidiary. But those interested don’t want to pay that much. “” “Deutsche Bank is making progress” step by step “with the necessary changes, says Deutsche Bank boss Cryan. (Photo: REUTERS) Rumors of a change in leadership at Germany’s largest bank? All wrong , says Deutsche Bank boss Cryan. He wants to do all he can for the bank.

The debate is bursting in the middle of their restructuring – and is bringing the share further downhill. The boss of Deutsche Bank, John Cryan, has contradicted rumors about his impending replacement. Cryan turned to the staff with a combative message. In it, he assures that “I will continue to do all I can for the bank and, together with you, I would like to continue on the path we started about three years ago”. Cryan turned against reports that there were differences between him and supervisory board chairman Paul Achleitner over the course. “We must continue to concentrate on implementing our strategy agreed with the Supervisory Board. There is no dissent here,” wrote the Briton.

Cryan’s contract runs until 2020, and recently rumors had risen that the bank was looking for a successor to Cryan after three consecutive years of losses. The British Times reports that the European head of the US bank Goldman Sachs, Richard Gnodde, had been approached but refused. In addition, the bank would have considered the bosses of Unicredit, Jean-Pierre Mustier, or Standard Chartred, Bill Winters. The SPD economic politician Bernd Westphal called the situation at Deutsche Bank “anything but positive”.conclusion for an argumentative essay The economic policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group said: “The management of Deutsche Bank has to do its job, for which it is paid. Those who pay out 2.3 billion euros in bonuses also have to deliver.” The leadership debate comes from the perspective of banking expert Hans-Peter Burghof at the wrong time.

The renovation is not yet complete, said Burghof. A possible Cryan successor should actually motivate the employees and offer them prospects. “But there are still too many construction sites open at the moment.” Cryan had initiated a massive restructuring in the bank. The latest step was the IPO of the in-house asset management company DWS.

He had also inherited numerous international legal disputes that resulted in billions in fines and compensation payments. Cryan indicated that there will be good news in the next few months about the integration of Postbank into Deutsche Bank’s private and corporate customer business. The uncertainty about the development at Deutsche Bank is also reflected in the share price: the paper has been out since the beginning of the year alone already lost 30 percent of its value. And on Wednesday it went down too. Source:, cam / dpa / AFP “” “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by on the topic of Postbank Former shareholders are dragging Deutsche Bank to court again because of the takeover of Postbank. They think that the money house paid them too little for the shares – because the takeover did not take place in 2010, but in 2008. Half-time for John Cryan: His contract as head of Deutsche Bank runs until 2020. The Briton could not complain about boredom in the first half of his tenure. There is still a lot to do in the coming year.

Deutsche Bank and Postbank will become one and jobs will be cut as a result. As the group explains, Deutsche Bank employees go voluntarily. Offers have already been made to them to “motivate them to say goodbye”. In September 2014 the ECB reduced the key interest rate to 0.05 percent, and since March 2016 it has even been zero.

A Postbank survey now shows the consequences for savers. Possible strikes at Postbank are off the table. The third quarter is impressive: the key figures for Deutsche Bank are in some cases well above expectations. Chef Cryan speaks of the “fruits of our labor”. Germany’s new number five is to be created by next summer.

In October 2010, Deutsche Bank offered Postbank shareholders 25 euros per share – too little, as the Cologne Regional Court has now ruled. The money house is now threatened with a back payment of up to three billion euros. But the lawyers have already announced their appointment. Postbank employees earn too little and do not have adequate protection against dismissal, says Verdi.

Because the collective bargaining had stalled, she is now backing her demands with warning strikes. “A serial killer died from an electric shock in Bochum prison. The correctional facility said the 62-year-old was connected to the power grid in his cell with several cables spoke of “autoerotic practices”.

The investigators believe in an accident. Between 1983 and 1990 the man had strangled five hitchhikers and raped three of them. It was not until 17 years after the last crime that he was convicted and shortly afterwards sentenced to life imprisonment. More on that here.

The question is how many there will be in the end. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) By restructuring the company, Deutsche Bank wants to save several billion euros over the next few years. The cuts also affect the private customer segment: the group is thinning out its branch network. Hundreds of locations could be eliminated, according to a report. According to a press report, Deutsche Bank is considering closing 200 to 300 branches in its own network and that of its subsidiary Postbank. These figures are being discussed internally, reported the “Manager Magazin” without giving any sources. The thinning of the branch network, like the ongoing radical restructuring of the group, should be completed by 2022. It is still unclear how the closings will be divided between the two brands.

In total, Deutsche Bank and Postbank currently have around 1,300 branches. Private customer bank boss Manfred Knof had already announced at the Investor Day last week that the branch network would be thinned out. “We are in talks with the employee representatives,” added a spokesman. “We are therefore not yet able to provide any information on the number of branches and locations being merged.” Deutsche Bank boss Christian Sewing wants to reduce the costs of the institute by around six billion euros by 2022. The private customer division alone should save one billion euros in this period. In the traditional business with deposits and loans, Deutsche Bank suffers – like other institutions – from declining earnings due to low key interest rates and tough competition.

Knof is therefore planning to interweave the Postbank branches more closely with those of Deutsche Bank. A joint IT platform will be built by 2022, which should make it possible for customers of both banks to make deposits, withdrawals and transfers in the other bank around 500 branches. Postbank still has a good 800 branches, but mainly relies on the cooperation with its former parent company Deutsche Post.

Postbank customers can, for example, withdraw money from their Postbank account or deposit money in around 3300 partner branches of the Post. Source:, hul / dpa / rts “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from for Topic practitioner At the weekend, officials in the Indian capital found a family of eleven dead in their house. Ten family members hang lifeless from the ceiling. A search reveals notes that provide a highly unusual investigation. The affair of the Bamf branch in Bremen is enough evidently further back than previously known.

According to a report, the agency’s headquarters have for years had evidence of illegal practices by the lawyer, who is now at the center of the scandal. US President Trump accuses China of “unfair” practices in the technology sector – such as patent infringements. The US has announced that it will file a lawsuit against the People’s Republic before the World Trade Organization. The investigation into the Russia affair accompanied US President Donald Trump’s first year in office. And it goes on.

There is currently a dispute over a memo – and the FBI’s practices. Trump is now not only attacking the authority head-on. What is consensual sex? A question that is debated a lot in times of the #MeToo movement. An app now promises legal security – with LegalFling, all practices can be clarified before the act.

Europe’s largest aircraft manufacturer is shaken by allegations of corruption. CEO Enders rejects the suspicion of black funds. But it confirms questionable practices in the industry. Isn’t the scandal a completely different one?

Defense Minister von der Leyen fired several soldiers after reports of perverse practices in the Pfullendorf barracks. Four of them are now complaining – the verdict is likely to be politically explosive. By Gudula Hörr In his season record, Joachim Löw praised three colleagues in particular. The national coach also attests to two young players and two world champions being very special.

Now he is in demand again as a practitioner himself. The latest fan riot worries Löw. For years, BNP dealers manipulated exchange rates through bogus deals and passed confidential information on to third parties. Because the supervision of the major French bank was apparently blind to this eye, the finance house now has to pay heavily. “Postbank employees demonstrate during a warning strike.

Photo: Daniel Reinhardt / archive image (Photo: Daniel Reinhardt / dpa) Postbank has improved its tariff offer for around 12,000 employees in order to avert possible strikes by the Verdi union. It now envisages a total increase in collective wages of 4.1 percent over a period of 29 months, said the money house in Bonn. The first level of 3.0 percent should take effect after five zero months on January 1, 2020. In addition, possible solutions for various other topics were submitted, such as training remuneration or medical examinations. Four weeks ago, Verdi declared the negotiations with the Deutsche Bank subsidiary to have failed after three rounds and initiated a strike vote by the employees. The result is not yet available.

With the new offer with a shorter term and higher increases, Postbank wants to return to negotiation mode. Source: “Several ambulances are waiting in front of the family’s house. They are supposed to transport the corpses away found a family of eleven dead in their house in the Indian capital, with ten family members hanging lifeless from the ceiling. A search reveals notes that provide a highly unusual approach to the investigation.

The police in the Indian capital New Delhi believe that the death of a family of eleven was related to occult rituals. “During the search of the house, handwritten notes were found that indicate certain spiritual, mystical practices by the whole family,” said the police. The records showed similarities with the way the mouths and eyes of the dead were “blindfolded.” Police say the house was not robbed. The autopsy of six of the dead also confirmed that they had died by hanging, as reported by the Times of India, citing a current police report. No traces of a previous fight were found on the corpses. It was too early to be able to say exactly what was happening in the house.

A suicide note was not found. Police officers found ten members of an extended family hanging dead under the covers over the weekend. The corpses were tied to a metal grate. A woman over 70 years old was found dead on the floor in an adjoining room.

The seven female and four male people are the older woman’s sons, their wives and children, and a daughter, said a senior police officer. The youngest victims were two 15-year-old brothers, according to police. The Times of India quotes the neighbor who discovered the dead in the family’s house on Sunday morning. The two older brothers did not open their shops as usual that morning. “I went in to look and found the front door open.



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